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Safe Engineers Glasgow

Safes come in many shapes, sizes and levels of protection; they should not be underestimated as a relatively low cost means of securing your property.

Whilst the inexpensive DIY store type safe may offer some level of protection, there is nothing like a purpose made Insurance Rated safe to give you peace of mind. As the 'Insurance Rating' might suggest, these safes are recognised as being built up to and tested at industry standards and as such are recognised as being an appropriate means of securing valuables.

Typical Ratings are provided for the Cash Value held in the safe. Usually these safes are rated to hold twice the cash in other valuables such as jewellery. Other safes may have a specific 'fire rating, in order to protect documents or data.

We specialise in opening serious safes typically up to a Cash Value of £10,000. However, we are equipped to deal with safes in excess of this rating. We employ various Non-Destructive Entry methods to open safes such as lock picking, decoding of levers and other forms of manipulation.

safe engineer glasgow

Buying New Safes

We hold a small stock of Berg Wachter and Burton Safes to ensure that customers are able to attain a popular and robust safe rapidly if required. We have access to an extensive rage that we can offer at internet prices. We are able to offer a full advisory service to ensure that the correct safe is selected and subsequent installation.

Reporting a Problem with a Safe

If you have a problem with a safe, the following information would help us work towards a solution:

  • Brand Name of the Safe
  • Colour of the Safe
  • Type of Lock
  • History of the Problem
  • Picture of Safe and Key (if held)
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